Fire extinguisher fittings > Buliding supply and landing valve
Building Supply PN 16
DIN 14 461 - 4

Material: Rg 5 - Building Supply "dry"
Input: 2 x Storz B adapters and blank caps made from brass
output point: 3" female thread, swivel

Berlin version with 2 x Storz B adapters with ceiling capsule made from light material is similarly available

Catalog [PDF]
Landing valve PN 16
DIN 14 461 - 5

Material: Rg 5
Inlet: 2" male thread swivel
Outlet: Storz C adapter and blank cap made of aluminium or copper alloy

Catalog [PDF]
Automatic air bleeder for dry riser PN 16

Material: Rg 5, stainless steel ball float
Outlet: 1 ¼"female thread

for dry riser DIN 14 462

Catalog [PDF]

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