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Assembly and bracket to a good 5000m<sup>2</sup>
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Our manufacturing now takes place using state of the art computer-controlled multi-spindle CNC machines. With the help of CNC technology, the extremely high dimensional accuracy of our products is ensured (quality assurance).

The enormous capacity of our machines guarantees a large stock on a permanent basis. This enables us to dispatch your orders within 1-2 days. Moreover, on account of both high volume and specialization, we are able to offer very attractive prices.


We have been producing fire extinguisher fittings for 140 years. Established expertise, many years of experience and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee our loyal customers excellent quality, customized solutions, best prices and short delivery times.

We specialize in Storz couplings which form the basis for the whole product range. In our very large stock, these and a wide range of fire extinguisher fittings are available for you on a constant basis.

One of over 20 CNC-increase spindle-tuning machines
Though this, we are always able to process your orders at short notice. Even your individual custom-made orders will be produced and delivered by us, quickly, inexpensively and reliably.
Our raw part store (partial view)

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