Letterhead from the year 1903

Our company was founded in 1868 of Jean Vogel in Speyer. Already at that time fire-fighting fittings system STORZ were manufactured beside fire-extinguishing pumps. In the meantime the company is led of 4th and 5th generation. Our production place Speyer remained until today.

4th and 5th generation look forward to serving you.

Finishing and storage in nearly 4000 mē

Our production line takes place on computer-controlled CNC-multi-spindle automatics of most modern design today. With the help of the CNC-technique an extremely exact accuracy to size of our products is ensured (quality assurance).

One of over 20 newest CNC-multi-spindle-automatics

The enormous capacities of our machines guarantee a permanently large supply. Thus we are able to deliver your jobs within 1-2 days. Because of the high numbers of items and our specialization we are able to offer very favourable prices to you.

Raw material storage (partial view)